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Academic Terms

The following are definitions of academic terms used at the INHS:

Class: A class is a sequence of planned learning experiences leading to a set of expected learning outcomes. Such a series of planned learning experiences and outcomes are normally scheduled over an academic year or during a concentrated shorter period of time. Successful completion of a class results in the awarding of an academic grade, which measures the student's success in achieving the expected outcomes. A class also routinely includes tests, quizzes, a final examination and regular out-of-class assignments.

Certificate of Achievement: A certificate of achievement consists of completion of a class with a minimum of a 3.0 cumulative grade-point average.

Credit by Examination: A student may obtain credit for certain classes at the discretion of an instructor and the INHS president by passing a comprehensive examination.

Transfer Credits: Credit will be given for classes transferred from accredited institutions, if the grade earned was a 2.0, or better. The grades of transferred classes will not be computed with the INHS grades.

The following criteria are used to evaluate class credits from non-accredited institutions:

1.  The student demonstrates skills commensurate with the performance required for                        satisfactory completion of an existing class at the INHS.

2.  The content, goals and objectives of a particular class will be compared with a corresponding      class at the INHS. It is the responsibility of the student to provide the materials necessary to      conduct a proper evaluation.

3.  The student must demonstrate proficiency in the content of an existing INHS class by taking       and passing a comprehensive examination.

Grading and Evaluation: Each student will be required to pass class tests, as well as to complete homework assignments and/or class projects according to the standards set by the instructors and the INHS Board. Students will also be required to pass a comprehensive written and oral examination.

The following numerical system is used at the INHS to evaluate academic work.

Grade Point      Narrative      Numerical Equivalent

4.0      Excellent      91%    to     100%

3.5      Very good      86%   to      90%

3.0      Good      81%    to      85%

2.5      Fair      76%   to      80%

2.0      Satisfactory      71%    to      75%

1.5      Less than satisfactory      66%   to      70%

1.0      Poor      60%   to      65%

0.0      Failure      0%     to      59%

An "I" designation indicates that the student received an incomplete for the class. This is a temporary evaluation, not a grade. An instructor may approve a student-initiated request for an incomplete if 80% of the class work has been completed and if, in the instructor's judgment, there was good reason why the student could not complete the balance of the required work during the period of enrollment. The student must complete the requirements of the class prior to application for graduation, no later than eight months after the twelve month residency classes end.

A "P" designation indicates the student passed a class with a 3.0 grade or better.

A "W" designation indicates the student withdrew from a class with achievement in the class above the failure level at the time of withdrawal. If a request for withdrawal is not approved, a grade consistent with the class requirement will be assigned by the instructor when final grades are submitted.