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        ...Homeopathy and the natural health sciences regard the  individual                               as a composite of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and                                 environmental elements. This scientific discipline endeavors to                  maintain a proper harmony among these different elements, recognizing that an imbalance in any one can affect the whole... 



Dr. Kenneth S. Pittaway, NDPhD

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FAX:  248-473-8141 

School Policies

PLACEMENT SERVICES: The INHS does not provide placement services; however, employment opportunities are discussed with the students.

CLASS SCHEDULE:  The Institute of Natural Health Sciences has an open enrollment policy. Semesters are detrmined by enrollment.

Classes or seminars take place at the school's facility (20793 Farmington Road, Farmington Hills, MI) and other locations, as designated.

Classes will be held in consecutive months, on the third weekend of each month, 6.5 hours of daily instruction including testing. The program includes 16 months of resident instruction hours.

If a holiday falls on that weekend, classes will be held the weekend prior to the regularly scheduled date.

ATTENDANCE:  Students must attend all courses and make up all missed course hours. Failure to do so may result in academic penalty or dismissal from course.

Absence for any reason, including illness or late registration, in no way relieves the student of the responsibility for completing all work in the course to the satisfaction of the instructor in charge.

The instructor must be notified when a student cannot attend course due to illness or other extenuating circumstances. This can be done by telephoning the office and leaving a message.

REPEAT COURSES:  Courses may be repeated. The highest grade earned will be used in computing the INHS cumulative grade-point average. Only the grade of the repeated course will appear on the academic record.

HOLIDAYS:  School will be closed on all federal holidays.

WITHDRAWAL:  Students may initiate a withdrawal by contacting the Registrar's Office and completing a drop-out form. A copy of the student initiated drop-out form is maintained by the INHS. Students who withdraw prior to the end of a course will not receive a final grade, and no record of attending the course will appear on the academic record.

The INHS may initiate an “Administrative Withdrawal” and withdraw students from a course or a group of courses for any of the following reasons:

•      Nonpayment of tuition or fees

•      Non-attendance

•      Lack of proper prerequisites for a particular course

•      Student behavior that interferes with the instructional process


Students who are withdrawn prior to the end of a course of study, receive no final grade, and no record of attending course appears on the academic record. A copy of the drop-out form is placed in the student's file.

READMISSION:  Students who leave the program for any reason may apply for readmission, by submitting an application along with a $25 reapplication fee. The same procedures for admission are used for readmission. If readmitted, students are allowed to enter the program at the point where they exited.


The INHS does not provide placement services; however, employment opportunities are discussed with the students.

CONDUCT:  Students must behave in professional manner. INHS does not permit alcohol, smoking or illegal drug use at the instruction sites. 


Computers with appropriate software programs that are essential to aspects of the training are available to students during class. Students do not need to purchase any equipment.


Textbooks are specified by each instructor and must be purchased by the student.


Proprietary Schools Act: Act 148 of 1943
Any student who wishes to file a complaint with the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) of the State of Michigan regarding any perceived violation of the above act may do so at the following website:,4601,7-154-61343_35395---,00.html

The complaint form must be filled out and sent to the following mailing address.
State of Michigan
Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs
Corporations, Securities & Commercial Licensing Bureau
Administrative Services Section-Complaint Intake
P.O. Box 30018
Lansing, MI  48909